Workout Must Haves Including My New Fitbit Blaze


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I’ve really been off my exercise game for a couple of months and it is always the hardest thing to do to get back on track.  I love to walk, but with Georgia’s summer heat, I really can’t image myself outside. I’m hoping to will find the motivation with my latest gadget courtesy of hubby inside a gym or maybe for some early morning walks. Here are a few things that I must have during my workout. 

Fitbit’s Blaze

One of the brands latest products- a smart fitness watch.  I love it because it automatically tracks any exercise.  I can change the band for style variety and if I want- I can get a pre-programmed workout right from my wrist.  And in Fitbit fashion, of course this device tracks my sleep for optimal health. 

Beats by Dre

Music is such an important part of my workout. The music not only motivates me to get moving, it also helps me to forget how long I am working out- essentially making the time go by faster. I love this particular pair of headphones because the are wireless. It’s so convenient to be able to walk away from your phone or not have to make your cord can reach from device to device.  


With the amount of energy and sweat I use and produce during a workout- there is absolutely no way possible that I would be able to workout without it. Drinking water is essential if you want to gt the most out of your workout, so keep some near. 

Proper Shoes

Having the proper shoes while working out is very important. Something I’ve had to learn, is that various activities deserve specific shoes. If you are taking an exercise or zumba class, those shoes will be different than if you are hiking. You don’t want to damage your feet or hurt yourself, so choose wisely! 

What are your must haves when you workout? 




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  • Thanks for reminding me to get up and move.
    Now that our son is riding his bike, I want to start taking more walks with him and my husband.
    But this GA heat is a beast!

  • My must have item is cute workout clothes. They make me feel like a rock star about myself. hahahaha

  • The right shoes are critical. Without the right shoe, you can definitely suffer sports injuries.

  • My friends love their fitness trackers. I have thought about getting one for myself so I could track my activity as I begin my journey to be more healthy and physically fit. My must haves are similar to yours, I just have regular ear buds but I definitely need something wireless for my workouts.

  • I had my eye on the Fitbit Blaze for a while. It’s really cute. I’m on my second Fitbit Charge but ended up getting an Android Watch instead of the Blaze. Now I just have to figure out how to sync my Google Fit data with Fitbit for my step challenges.