White Water Rafting… Not quite in Atlanta

white water rafting sign

I will tell you that this weekends activities were by far the most adventurous by a long shot! A small group of us traveled down Hwy 75, to Cleveland, TN to try our luck at White Water Rafting. One person was a 5th time returnee and was the most terrified one!  Screaming and whining the entire ride (even when that person fell out of the boat)!… Our guide was a trooper, older guy who’d been through a series of extreme surgeries– including two open heart surgeries as well as two aneurysms.

By far the most freeing experience! Enjoying the ups and downs, along with the bumps in the road. Live life our tour guide expressed. I plan to! How about you!

I had to post these pics, but I cant tell you the hilarious story that completes the experience just yet… Please check back… It’s hilarious.

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