Well You Know…


Ola peeps! I’m still on the wagon- for the most part. I saw for the most part because I had a few blogger events and there is always food. So, I do my best and I am trying not to be to hard on myself. I am hoping to create a healthy lifestyle for myself and I hope you are to. That means I realize that I didn’t gain all of this extra weight overnight, so I will not lose it overnight. I am going to exercise, continue to drink water and eat great on the days that I don’t have events and try not to pig out on the days that I do. 


With that being said, I didn’t lose any weight this week,. NOT A SINGLE POUND! However a few people told me that I looked slimmer, and although I cannot tell, I don’t feel as fluffy or stuffed. You know how you eat too much food and you are stuffed to capacity, well I don’t feel like that anymore. LOL. 


I have a couple of events this week as well but I am going to see if I can still drop a couple of pounds. 

Have a great week guys! And good luck! 


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