Week 2 | #UnFatMyLife: A Merry -Go- Round

quiche cups
(Crustless quiche cups were my breakfast all week)

Well if you haven’t guessed it, and if you missed my post last week on the taboo subject of my weight loss, then you haven’t heard- I’m back trying to lose weight once again. I told my husband last week, that if I wasn’t successful this time this would be my absolute last attempt at trying to lose weight. I told him I was going to accept my gut, hips and butt and he would have to accept it to! Lucky for me, even if my weight is a concern- he loves me through all my many layers. 

(My first goal size! This was 2012)

So, I wanted to give myself a deadline, a happy weigh in day, a goal weight day if you will and I chose my birthday which is in October. Since it falls on a Saturday, I decided to cheat myself a couple of days  this week and call Saturday, instead of Monday- my week 2 for my official weigh in. 

I meal prepped, exercised about twice, and drank a lot of water. 

Not to bad, for a short week and any loss is better than a gain! 

Most importantly, I am trying my best not to give up and quit the way I have so many times before! Wish me luck and tell me how you get fit or stay fit and healthy!

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