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wardrobe wednesday..


Despite the advice of a loyal fan, I am choosing to cover a subject dear to my heart. Wardrobe. Wardrobe on any plus size woman, for this matter, is a touchy subject. I fear that a lot of plus sized individuals feel that because a variety of clothing is made in “our” size, that it is okay to indulge.

But its not. It is very easy to go into specialty shops and allow the sales people and other “like us” customers, searching for a new look to encourage us to “go for it girl” and “you look so cute in that”, when we don’t.

If we have to be persuaded then we probably are going against our better judgment in the first place. For those of you squeezing into spandex and too little skirts, you are making the rest of us look bad. Giving the impression that plus sized women can’t be stylish. I encourage you to find a look that compliments your shape and size.

Something that doesn’t give you a muffin top (a stomach roll at the top of your jeans), or 4 breast (because your bra isn’t sized properly). You want to flatter your body, not embellish its imperfections. You want to smooth things out, instead of looking stuffed in your attire. I follow my heart. I only wear things that make me feel comfortable and confident.

It’s unfortunate that we are still judged by our attire, but it’s the truth. I urge all women (plus and average) to strive for a look of class and style for 2009…

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  • Ayanna

    You betta say that! But sadly enough, those that break the wardrobe law are not the one’s reading this…

  • 🙂

  • lmao…picture is classic!