Vlog #6 | The New Edition Movie & SWD State Champs

New Edition Movie, BET's Original BET New Edition Movie

Hey guys! Bringing you my 6th vlog, and I was so excited to do so. Last night BET played their original movie, The New Edition Story and it was so good. I’m telling you, if you didn’t watch it, you MUST! Part 2 comes on tonight and part 3 will air tomorrow. (January 24-26th). I hope you all will take a look and listen to me carry on and on about the movie and the actors. 

Also, check out some coverage of my high school alumni, who donated to the school to help the girls basketball team get their GHSA AAAAA Girl’s Basketball State Champ Rings for 2016! 

It was a proud moment and I am so proud of the alumni for stepping up to make it happen.

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