Week 1| #UnFatMyLife: Taking Charge



Hi cutie pies and handsome cakes! I am so excited to type this post for you guys so I can tell you about my latest accomplishment. It should be known to the entire world by now that I am trying to become a better version of myself. I am working on my mind, body and spirit. Well this week I returned to what worked for me in the past as far as diet and weight loss. I am drinking a lot of water daily and I am avoiding as many breads and pastas as I can.


Although I didn’t work out at all this week, I was unwavering of my meals and water. I meal prepped breakfast lunch and dinner for 3 days and then the next 2 days. I also prepped snacks- I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Not being prepared is a favorite excuse of mine, and I was determined not to let the excuses win this week.  And let me tell you, it was very hard. But I pressed through. I actually avoiding a couple of events due to the menu. I was focused. LOL


Before this week I was eating any and everything, but when Monday rolled around, I was all business and it paid off. Even though they say your first few pounds of weight loss are water, I don’t care. I am proud of my success. I know that the first week is usually your best week and I may not even lose weight this week, but I think I am focused for this countdown to 40! 

Taco salad! Yumm
Taco salad! Yumm


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