Travel Drinkware from Contigo



If you know me, then you know that there is one thing I have with me all day, everyday. A water bottle!  Water is about 98% if what I drink whether I am trying to be healthy or not. But everyday a new report is telling us to don’t use this or that and it van be a lot to keep up with. Well recently the trusted brand Contigo’s released some new hydration products and I am so lucky to have gotten to try a couple.


Let’s start with my new favorite water bottle- The Purity Petal Glass Water Bottle. The glass bottle is plastic free and adorned with a flower petal silicone sleeve in bright, vibrant colors including Very Berry, Scuba and Grapevine.


· Made completely of glass, steel and food grade silicone; no plastic parts
· Contoured wide-mouth design
· Attached silicone tethered lid
· Comfortable, stylish non-slip silicone sleeve to help with durability
· 100% BPA-free
· Top-rack dishwasher safe
· 20 oz. capacity

I am loving this water bottle. It’s easy to carry, small enough to go in my bag and it’s way cuter than any of my other bottles. 


I also received an awesome chic travel mug, the Contigo AUTOSEAL Transit Stainless Steel Travel Mug. The mug has is available in stainless, polar white and matte black. Now what impressed me completely about this mug was that one day as I was carrying the mug from the breakroom at work back to my desk, someone startled me and I dropped it. It rolled and flipped and not a drop of my delicious butterscotch creamed coffee was on the floor. I also like the many hours that my beverage stayed hot. It’s a cute mug, and that of course always plays a decision in a girls world. 

If you are looking for great gifts for the hoildays, stocking stuffers, office treats- these are the perfect gifts and feel free to thank me later! 

And here is a quick bonus for you. If you buy your mug at Contigo, take 20% OFF orders over $20* and use the code: Early






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