Three Things


  1. Michelle Obama brought down the house with her speech  at the Democratic National Convention. Did you watch? It was wonderful to hear her speak so eloquently and hopeful of our country and the presidency. Watch the entire speech below. 



2. Some really beautiful places exist in this world. Take a look at 50 most beautiful places in America here. Have you been to any? 



3. Recently, I decided to try to shop local and black! What I found, with the help of rapper and activist Killer Mike, was a young black female farmer, how cool right? The veggies were fresh and I used almost everything in the box. I had fun washing and cleaning my collards and kale and using my cucumbers in salads. Check her out if you are in Atlanta. You can find Taj Anwar & Anwar Farm to Table, here on Facebook, website, and her Instagram– which is where I found the quickest on where she will be selling her produce.



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