The Tough Moments of Friendships


We each have our own path to take,….

I recently had a friend tell me that I made her feel bad about some of the decisions she’s made recently, and it kinda sucked. I feel (I don’t know how everyone else feels) that when discussing relationships or previous actions, I am fair and diplomatic. you guys know I only go in on the folks on TV.

So I was forced to take a look at myself and see if I was being harsh or if I felt like maybe she was being a tiny bit sensitive. We all know, well maybe you don’t know- but I have done some very stupid things concerning men – back in the day! I mean haven’t we all.

I followed a dude in a friends car before and I stuck into another one’s phone. I’ve played all kind of make you want me games but that was my past. I can say that since I’ve been in my thirties I haven’t had any foolish dating moments, mainly because I was sick of the games most people play.

I got to a point that I was over it and I would have preferred to be alone than to accept just any kind of mess from a dude.

So, back to my friend- I don’t think I was too hard on her, because my intentions were good. She is a great girl! She is smart, she’s sweet, she can cook, she’s cute,… I could go on.But I feel like she doesn’t know her worth. I think after countless dudes who don’t appreciate all she has to offer, she may be doubting herself. And I was simply trying to say, ‘hey, cut him loose- he is a loser, you deserve more!”

So I apologized for hurting her and appearing to be harsh. I told her my preachy moments always began with a ‘how stupid I was’ story, trying to make sure I don’t sound cynical, but I guess I wasn’t successful.

How do you handle telling your girlfriends your opinions on their relationships or lack there of? Or are we at the age where we should just nod and grin?


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  • Glossy

    I am learning that not every story requires a response.