The Cowfish: Sushi + Burger Fusion Comes To Atlanta

The Cowfish: Sushi + Burger Fusion

Can’t decide if you want burgers or sushi? You can have both! The Cowfish has landed in Dunwoody (Perimeter Mall – 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd. NE in Dunwoody). Boldly blending burgers and sushi under one roof. The recently opened, Charlotte-based restaurant, features half-pound burgers and traditional sushi rolls, sashimi, nigiri and entree-sized fusion rolls from Executive Chef Dave Lucarelli.

When you step into the space, your eyes are immediately drawn to the huge saltwater aquarium that serves as the backsplash for the full service bar. I would later learn that a cowfish is a real fish and they’re in the aquarium—who knew!

According to its website, The Cowfish is the first and only ‘Sushi Burger Bar.’ Bringing the world’s first restaurant focusing on offering both the best sushi and the best burgers. Offering fresh, innovative and delicious—the sushi segment of the menu is a unique balance of traditional and unconventional. All natural, creative and hearty—the burgers entice with fresh ingredients and bold flavors. Spiked hand-spun milkshakes, premium sakes, craft beers, wine and 10oz exotic martinis round out a huge bar menu that is sure to please. The Cowfish aims to offer something for the entire family. Appetizers for sharing, entree-sized salads, homemade desserts and a kid’s menu are joined its signature creations like ‘Burgushi!’

The Cowfish is visually appealing and taste bud shocking its unique flavor combinations will have you coming black for more. Whether it’s a much need girls-night-out or a post shopping meal, I recommend you put this on your ‘must try’ list.

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  • Dear God, I’m drooling. Like seriously drooling like a crazy person. I wouldn’t put these two things together but I love that they have. I’ve got to try this place out.

  • WOW! Looks pretty good. I’m living in this area and believe it or not never been there. SHAME ON ME!!! Thanks for sharing your true views on this because my husband and I are definitely swinging by next week to give this a try. He loves stuff like this.

  • That dessert! I would smash that! I don’t eat seafood or fish but a nice burger might work.

  • Omg! Sushi is my jooog. I live sushi and lately tying new kinds outside of my regular 1-2 has been a party in my mouth and my tummy. 😍😍

  • OMG just why did I have to see this post on an empty stomach?!?!?! I am seriously drooling and I sure hope they plan to open on in the DMV.

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