The Academy’s Commotion Over Oscar’s Swag: Fiera Speaks Out


Sexual health and wellness brand, Fiera® Arouser for Her™ developed by Nuelle, Inc., will be included in the highly sought after celebrity gift bag given to this year’s Oscar® Nominees.  The annual gift bag, valued at over $200,000 will feature Fiera® Arouser for Her™ among other A-list-worthy gifts like a trip to Israel, personal training sessions and more.

 With gift bags available to Hollywood’s most respected actors including previous Academy Award winners Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Damon, and Cate Blanchett, Fiera® Arouser for Her™ will be placed directly into the hands of influential members of the Academy’s elite in an effort to normalize the conversation about women’s sexual wellbeing and its beneficial impact on relationships.

Among committed couples, intimacy is important for both the health of the relationship and personal wellbeing. Sex, however, is often a tough subject to broach with partners, health care professionals and friends alike.

Co-created with women and healthcare professionals to bring back excitement to connect sexually with her partner, Fiera® Arouser for Her™ is the first wearable intimacy enhancer a sexual experience that is proven to increase desire and spark physical arousal among women. Fiera is worn by women to get in the mood, but created with couples in mind for revitalized intimacy.



LOS ANGELES - FEB 21: Oscar statue at the arrivals area at the Oscars held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California on February 21, 2013; Shutterstock ID 129042434; Usage: web; Issue Date: n/a

Now if you haven’t heard, there is more buzz surrounding the Oscars outside of the race card. The latest buzz is about the Academy’s lawsuit aimed at the Oscar gift bags, namely deeming it “unwholesome” due to its various contents.  But this unfair characterization of brands within the gift bag seems to be rubbing many the wrong way. Karen Long, Founder and CEO of Fiera, a product included in the bag and aimed to enhance sexual health among women and couples, is speaking out via an open letter to the Academy sharing her disappointment in the Academy’s lack of support and setting the message straight about her so called unwholesome “sex toy”.


Long wrote–To be crystal clear, Fiera is no more a “sex toy” than “Pretty Woman” was a film about sex.  Fiera is a health and wellness product created by health professionals.  It was designed to help the tens of millions of women who are concerned about their level of interest in sex. 

Nonetheless, Fiera was called out and labeled “less-than-wholesome” by the Academy.  Some of the finest films would be considered “less than wholesome” if sex were the barometer.  Consider the nominated film “Carol,” or, the gripping, Oscar® winning performances of Charlize Theron in “Monster” and Halle Berry in “Monster’s Ball.”  It is interesting that sex portrayed in an award winning movie is considered “art”, yet discussing sexual concerns and products available for women is still considered shameful by some people, and the Academy believes “tarnishes its goodwill”.


 Can’t help but to wonder how this will play out, but in the meantime, I will be back with a review. 

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