SPROUTS: Plant Based Cooking Demonstration


Just a couple of weeks ago, Sprouts in Decatur opened and I was pretty excited. I had some friends who shopped at other locations but there weren’t any near me, until now. During the opening celebrations, SPROUTS hosted a plant-based cooking demonstration hosted by Marisa Moore, a registered dietician in Atlanta. Very knowledgeable of various ways to still get protein and omega three’s as a vegetarian- Marisa taught even the pro vegetarians a few tips. 

Marisa made for us a very simple yet tasty Vegan Smashed Chickpea Salad. The recipe is easy, light and healthy! I had fun listening to Marisa’s encouragement and great ideas. After the demo, I headed into the newly opened SPROUTS store to make my own Chickpea Salad. 

Not bad right? 

And instead of rice cakes, I used blue tortilla chips with my dish. Click here to get Marisa’s recipe and here to get the hours and details of the new SPROUTS store location. 



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  • This is what I need, a cooking demonstration to get me off to a healthy start. I wouldn’t just try and make this at home on my own.

  • I would love to attend a cooking demo like this. I’m trying to learn about healthier options.