Sock Panda: Monthly Subscription Service


Monthly subscription boxes are really a huge trend right now! I had the chance to check out some cool socks from the Sock Panda monthly subscription service! 

There are so many sock options- black and white are no longer necessary!  You can grow your collection, give them as gifts, and wear them to school, to work, or out and about. It’s easy to do… simply go onto, tell them your style preferences, and you will receive awesome new pairs every month, saving you time and money with their dedicated, personalized service.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason send the pair back and they will get you a replacement. Only $11 per month including tax and shipping! Also, with the purchase of each subscription a pair of socks will be donated to homeless shelters in Los Angeles.

I have to tell you guys that I liked all three pair that I received. I kept two pair but passed the Happy Socks for men along to my husband. He is a sock person! If you are looking for a cool gift or to expand your basic collection- this is the way to go!


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