Beauty| Sheena Sujan Eyelashes Review


Today’s post is about the new line of Sheena Sujan Eyelashes, that I received to review. You guys know that I am typically a natural girl about 99% of the time. But on the rare occasion I do find myself wanted to look a little more dolled up and when I do- I’ll wear a little foundation and eye liner, I may even get my hair straightened and for the ultimate glam look and I’ll get my friend to add some false lashes. Looking through my stash of Sheena’s lashes I was impressed with the little box that each set was packaged in. There is a magnetic closure on each box and a quote on the inside from Audrey Hepburn, known for her standout lashes. Cute right?


The collection is 9 pair of lashes and each one is unique from the last. You will find a nice variety of full and thick lashes varying from simple to dramatic looks, you are sure to find a pair you love.  The lash strip is thin and from what I understand, that is a great thing. Be careful to not use too much black glue because if you are anything like me- you may have to use more eyeliner than you initially planned- but a little dramatic eye never hurt anyone.  All of Sheena’s false eyelashes are handmade from 100% human hair and are re-usable.  Another plus. At the price of $19 per pair, you want to clean them when you take them off to protect your investment. 




Rushing and actually enjoying my night out, I neglected to take a selfie- so when I try another iconically named pair, I’m thinking the Dorothy Dandrige- I’ll be sure to amend this post so you guys can see them. Check out the entire Sheena Sujan eyelash line here.


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