Sephora’s ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Class at Ponce City Market


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Sephora Store at Ponce City Market

Anyone who knows me, knows that 98% of the time I am not wearing any makeup. I always have on a gloss or a lip balm, but  I’m not the girl who’s face is ‘beat’ nor do I have 35 different makeup brushes. I do, however like to look a little more elegant and put together, if you will when I attend certain events or big nights with the family or hubby, and that calls for a little help from makeup. I was raised in a home where makeup was to be worn as an enhancing feature. I was taught that no one should be able to tell that you are wearing makeup, it should look as natural as possible. Now of course, the makeup culture has evolved, but my makeup skills have not. 


Fast forward to this week, I was so excited to be invited out to the new Sephora store at Ponce City Market. Of course the invite was intriguing because, HELLO! It’s Sephora!!  But also because the newest makeup class that I would get to experience first hand was the “Makeup No Makeup” look! Totally excited, right?

5 Things I Learned at Sephora:

  1. The Sephora + Pantone IQ Service removes the guessing game out of buying makeup. With the help of an in store beauty expert, this tool measures the pigment of your skin and provides precise foundation, concealer, and lipstick matches. 
  2. Beauty classes are free to all beauty insiders. Are you one? If not, you should because it’s totally FREE!  
  3. Try before you buy. You can sample any of the products Sephora offers before you buy. 
  4. You can enjoy a complimentary Mini Makeover at the Sephora Beauty Studio (inside the store there are beautiful, well lit vanities stations), for one on one beauty sessions.
  5. The IQ services will also recommend skincare products and fragrance selections based on your preferences and needs! 



I had so much fun, and I learned alot about skin prep, makeup application and creating my ‘No Makeup Makeup’ look in such a small amount of time. The tips I received and makeup color suggestions have already proven to be invaluable. I’m so excited to try my new look on my own. 

Photog: Ashley Marshall-Seward of Mommy Week.
Photog: Ashley Marshall-Seward of Mommy Week.

What makeup questions do you have? Make sure to check out the classes here.  Will you be stopping by the new Ponce Store? 

My sway and a gift card!!!
My sway and a gift card!!!


Sephora Opens It’s Doors On May 27th! 

Sephora Ponce City Market
Ponce City Market
650 North Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30308













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  • Looks like you had a fun time! Sephora is a wonderful place to go a play lol.

  • I needed to attend this. I’m sure approach they hooked y’all up based in this one👧🏾