Raffle Alert!!!!! Atlanta Falcons T-Shirt & Metallic Jewelry Tattoos

AtlantaFalcons T-Spring Shirt and Lulu DK NFL Jewelry Tattoo

Hey ladies and Happy ‘Beat A Saint’ Day (I got that from my girl Michelle on FB). Anywho, as you guys know- I receive so many great products and samples to review and there is no way I can use it all. I have previously hosted a number of giveaways- but to be frank that cost, because I still have to pay for shipping the products to a lucky fan or reader. So in the spirit of being able to offer you guys some of the great products I receive, I have decided to host a raffle for a couple of items which will hopefully allow me giveaway more items without losing money. So are you in?

Today’s giveaway/raffle is for a duplicate shirt that I am wearing below from the companyTeeSpring which allows you to create custom NFL apparel! Cute, right? I’m also throwing in some Atlanta Falcons jewelry tattoos by Lulu DK. The tattoos are the leading brand of jewelry-inspired tattoos, and they have introduced Lulu DK x NFL, an exclusive collection of fan tattoos.

The raffle is only $2.00 to participate which are great odds! Good luck!




Featuring the official logos, colors and taglines of all 32 teams, the brand-new tattoos designed by Lulu DK Founder and Creative Director Lulu DeKwiatkowski are the perfect accessory for the fashionable fan during game day and beyond. Starting at $9.99 and available at Luludk.com. The tattoos can be worn to form an arm cuff, or a necklace, or however you want to showcase your style!

Important things to remember- the T-shirt is an XL and all of the temporary tattoos that are shown will not be received ( I did have to actually use the tattoos so there are two missing from the sheet- the Rise Up line and the Falcon logo line. All the other tattoos are there).


As you know I’m a blogger and I am gifted a lot of items that I review and test. Some items are brand new and I would love to give them all away! However, to ship all of these items cost, so I am testing the water to see how raffling off the various products I receive will be received by you my friends, fans and followers.

This way, I can ship more items to you guys, just by your simple raffle donation? Good luck! And thanks for participating!



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