Product Alert: Puff Cuff



Most curly haired  and or natural women know it can sometimes be impossible to find styling tools designed to accommodate their hair’s thickness and texture. The existing rubber and elastic bands on the market tug and rip hair, cause pain and often just simply break. Banana clips worked when I had a perm, but now that my hair is natural and thicker, I usually can’t get my hair in the clip or I have too unclasp it during the day because it’s too tight.  Determined to find a solution, Atlanta native, Ceata Lash, created an easy-to-use styling tool that would help achieve quick looks without damaging the hair!


The PuffCuff is the only hair clamp specifically designed for thick, curly and textured hair. The PuffCuff works with every type of textured or curly hair to create stylish looks without cinching or stressing your hair.  The  PuffCuff, comes in a variety of sizes to help you create a stylish yet comfortable puff. I used the middle puffcuff/ 3.125  to create my last few high ponytails. I was actually very please with the fit as well as how it held my puff together. I wrapped my hair at night, never removing the cuff, and walking right out the door in the am, after a little bit of fluffing, just because I sleep so wild! The cuff is comfortable and easy to use. 



The PuffCuff is available at Let me know how much you love it, once you try it!


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  • Im going to have to get one of these for my daughter!

  • Donna Shana

    She will love it!

  • Now that I’m finally growing my hair out again I need to check this out. I was using headbands and having killer headaches in the name of being cute. lol

  • I’ve heard of this before, and always considered getting it, so this post has me considering it again! Your curly puff looks great with it!