Relationships: Know When To Grow Up…

messy monday…

Girl Fight!, originally uploaded by photomato.

You cannot be almost 40 years old and use the internet’s social networking sites to blast and embarrass your friend of 20+ years. It all starts with laughs and gossip about everyone who is not in the click.

They both could use help financially and why not lean on your friend. Money is involved, so it’s not hard to guess that it goes wrong. One party says “you owe me” and the other says “not on my life.” (My words, not theirs) So the party that feels they are owed money, somehow has her fire recently lit and decides to hack into the account of her ex buddy.

She then threatens everyone with hacking their accounts also if they choose to keep her ex buddy as a friend on the social sites. She begins to post all types of private information about her friend, including addresses and work phone numbers. She even victimizes a 3rd party for trying to intervene and posts her credit card information all over the web.

The sad part is, she didn’t get any money after these childish antics, and she’s lost a good friend. She will not likely develop a new friendship that lasts as long as the one she’s lost. It’s amazing to me that one can be this old and act so childish.

It was just too far. I try to stay away from Messy- especially on a Monday. I would say more, but I need to log on and delete this chick as my friend. Nothing personal, just precautions boo. xoxoxo

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