Lauryn Hill was two hours late!

Lauryn Hill’s Concert tonight at Chastain Park! Honey,…… Smh!!! So glad to be with friends and have a great time at a table on the floor. My seat was awesome, As I sat center stage table courtesy of my girl and the atmosphere was very chill. 

But baebay!!!! Smh. Ticket start time was 8pm, Miss Education didn’t get the memo, that Chastain will shut your mic off at 11pm. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it!  Hill hit the stage at 10:21pm!! Really Lauryn?  
And she performed about three songs- two I didn’t know and the third was a rendition of Everything that was almost I recognizable! Ma’am? Why?

Why would you show up so late? And act surprised when they pulled the plug on your mic. She tried to argue and ask what was going on. When my belief is that your team, manager or whoever told you the deal, that there is an 11pm cut off time, I’m sure this info was in your contract! 

I think she felt bad and tried to shake a few hands and sign a few autographs to ease the pain of the disappointed concert goers and the calm down the boos coming from the audience. If I had spent one dime I would have a different tone in the post and a lot more curse words! 

However I knew her reputation when I decided to accompany my homegirls to the show. But it was cool. It was  fun to hang out in a different environment- but I felt bad for the people who paid as well as those who had faith that she would try to change her bad reputation. 

 You tricked a few more people last night, but soon not a single soul will be purchasing your tickets! Lauryn, simply do better. From Twitter—


Lauryn Hill like that one ex y’all can’t leave alone. I know it used to be amazing but that same person ain’t walking through that door.

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