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Simply put, Brown Girl Next Door is a lifestyle and entertainment blog created by Donna Shana, emphasizing on all the great things that can be found in Atlanta primarily, but not limited to, and also encompassing culture, independence and style around the world.

Updated on a daily basis, BrownGirlNextDoor.com is a portal to Atlanta events, places, fashion, beauty, relationships, and pop culture and all things entertaining to me!

I am your average, thirty- something, girl-next-door enjoying life. I work a normal Monday thru Friday job, while pursing my personal career goals after five, which camouflages a social life in need of a major tune up.

I dream about hitting the gym, while watching biggest loser with my popcorn! I fill up my shopping carts online— just to remove half the items at final checkout.

I have the same relationship woes as the next girl. Although, I try hard to keep my personal life out of my blog, they often leak out in the form of general relationship questions.

My best friend is a guy…so enough said. Wait! He’s straight. And my mother is an all too vibrant widow who prays for my salvation daily.

I love to try new things, and Atlanta is a city that has it all…

I look forward to your thoughts and comments,


Donna Shana


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