Interview: Real Basketball Wife Jackie Christie Can’t Be Stopped


Recently coined as the Original Basketball Wive, Jackie Christie was most popularly associated with defending her husband during the infamous Kings vs. the Lakers games, where she went to her husbands aid, swinging her purse at Rick Fox. She has since made her mark  with many entrepreneurial endeavors.

She is the CEO of Jean Rah Fya Records, a best-selling author and fashion designer with her own label, and Jackie now has her own web series. “Jackie Christie Knows Best” is set to air later this month. I was able to interview her and find out more about her clothing line, why she chose web or television, and see if she could offer any relationship advice.

Donna: How and why did you start the Jackie Christie line? And where can it be found?

Jackie: I started my Jackie Christie line a few years ago while my husband Doug played for the Sacramento Kings. I’ve always enjoyed designing for myself and others. My clothing can be found on my website as well as in select boutiques around the country.

Donna: Why did you, a celebrity basketball wife and entrepreneur opt to do your show on the web, instead of pitching it to a network? You know how much people love reality TV!

Jackie:  I’ve always been in avid supporter of the web. What I like about the web is that you can interact directly with your fans and viewers, so when it came to doing my own series, I thought this would be the best avenue for this particular series to really touch my audience. I thought this would be a nice follow up to our reality show “The Christies: Committed” (BET J).

Donna: Have you been approached to be on Basketball Wives? Do you watch it?

Jackie: I love the show. I’m an avid watcher. It’s very entertaining. I relate to most of the things the ladies go through, too.

Donna: What would people be surprised to know about your marriage?

Jackie: (smiling) GREAT question. I think people would be surprised to know that Doug & I are really sexy romantic and goofy together. We always try to laugh at any and everything because life’s short. We know we are not promised tomorrow, so we try to enjoy every minute we have together.


What advice can you offer new couples wanting to have a successful marriage?

Jackie: I always say; respect, communication, commitment and intimacy. I would also say keep each other first. Each of these things should be at the top of their lists. Life’s not going to be perfect or easy but it is what you make it, so always give your relationship/marriage your undivided attention and love.

Jackie: I also want to say THANK YOU for having me Donna! I love your site and I’m an avid follower/reader. =)


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