Food| Hubby made my favorite 

  I always enjoy whenever hubby gets in the kitchen and especially when he makes my favorite…. Which you all should know by now- CRAB LEGS! Then to add the spicy andouille sausage, corn and potatoes! Yummy in my tummy. 
We found a great little market near us that seems to always have fresh crab legs and reasonably priced. And it beats paying twenty bucks for two clusters at restaurants unless we are just not in the mood to handle the cleanup at home. 

I should have takes more pics of him in the kitchen working it out, but I was being lazy and I’m currently taking advantage of a free kindle trial so I was ready a book on my iPad. A pleasure read so it’s fiction but I’m enjoying it. I love to read, and I love a physical book, but I think I can get the hang of reading on my device. 

Anywho, What’s your favorite meal and who is it prepared by? Leave a comment and let me know. 

Lastly, did Snickers make a label just for me?! How sweet! 

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