How to Look Hot When the Weather Cools Down



Fall is arguably the most exciting time of year for makeup. In the summer, humidity and sweat melt makeup away. The dry winter air can make the skin too dry to wear makeup well. The cool, dry autumn air keeps your makeup fresh and does not exacerbate any skin issues. You can wear any products you want and feel sure that they will look good and stay in place all day long.

This is a great time of year to experiment with foundations in different finishes. A matte base is a good starting point if you intend to wear intense lip or eye colors. Alternately, you might want to try out a foundation with the on-trend luminous finish. Illuminating foundations mimic and accentuate the appearance of the skin at its most healthy. This type of foundation calls for subtler blush and eye shadow, since the skin itself will be drawing most of the focus.


No matter what type of foundation you choose, you should consider topping off your look with a shimmery highlight. Most people like to use highlighters along the tops of their cheekbones, but it is also popular to apply them on the forehead, down the bridge of the nose and across the edge of the upper lip. These are the areas that the light is naturally drawn to, and highlighting them amps up this radiant effect. If you want to try something a little different, stay away from the typical champagne shades that most women use. Stick with a pink-toned highlighter that will blend in with your skin more fluidly. To avoid the overly made-up look, apply a tiny bit of highlighter right on the outer curve of your lower orbital bone. Placing highlighter there enhances the eyes and bypasses the texture that many women have on their cheeks.


You’ve probably already delved back into your collection of brick red and dark wine lip colors. Liquid formulations are easier to wear than traditional bullet lipsticks, since they dry down and don’t smudge. Lime Crime’s Velvetine lipsticks were the first liquid lipsticks to gain a following and they are still the best in the beauty game. They don’t dry out as the day wears on, and they don’t break down when you eat or drink anything. These qualities are especially important when you’re wearing a dark color, since irregularities and imperfections would be very visible.

Switching from summer neons to autumnal earth tones is always a pleasant change. Today’s trendiest products make it fun and easy to make the most out of the season’s rich color palette.

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