Groupon Coupons Offers More Savings


Although this is a sponsored post, the opinions are my own. 

Since I was introduced to Groupon I have been completely addicted. They offer the best products and services at such great rates and it really gives me the opportunity to try new products and services for up to half the cost. Well if you haven’t heard, Groupon has expanded into Coupons! That’s right, Groupon Coupons! Amazing right? Not only can you save on excursions and services, but you can now save on everyday items and with tons of your favorite retailers.

How does it work? Simply log on to and begin your search by coupon, category or store name and watch the magic unfold. I started with my favorite department store, Macy’s. Now, I live on a budget, so I am all about Macy’s during any of their holiday sales and friends and family.  Once I was on the results for Macy’s, I saw:

  • Up to 20% OFF Clearance & Sale Items
  • 15% OFF your next purchase, and
  • I was also alerted to a 40% OFF shoe & sandal sale! Awesome, no?


 I’m a plus size girl (because you all didn’t know), so I went straight to the retailers that I love. I started with Lane Bryant and here is what my search returned:

  • A code to save up to $75 OFF
  • A code for $50 OFF+ free shipping, and
  • A code for 40% OFF + free shipping


Both sales made me happy!  At Groupon Coupon I saw deals from Best Buy, Addidas, Sam’s Club and Carters, just to name a few. So if you are into saving a few extra dollars, Groupon Coupon is definitely a new avenue to do so and it doesn’t cost a dime.  Invest a few minutes of your time on the site before shopping and you won’t be sorry!

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  • I love Groupon Coupons – Sephora & Ulta are my favorites.

  • I only recently discovered that I can get discounts at my favorite store Target from Groupon. That was the perfect icing on my cake.

  • So happy I discovered Groupon coupons. I already love groupon but this is icing on the cake

  • This is so timely especially with the long weekend coming up. Definitely looking for some discounts to share with the family!

  • Groupon Coupons are great. I didn’t know they featured deals from so many retailers. They are my go to before any shopping.

  • This is awesome! I definitely will have to look up Groupon coupons and give them a try!

  • I was really confused, and this answered all my qusioetns.