Fashion Brand: Love Always YJE


When a person loves love, when she never meets a stranger.

When she is always there to encourage any and everyone., she is spreading love.

When that person is your boss and you don’t mind taking direction or criticism from her because her tone is always gentle and polite. She is demonstrating love.

 When a person who operates out of love she has no choice but to create a brand that is centered around her entire belief in all things, LOVE.


Love Always YJE is a fashion brand focused on sparking a movement that encourages people to spread and give love—beginning with self. Founder and CEO, Yunice Jena’ Emir (YJE) launched the brand as her custom love letter to fashionistas and fellow love enthusiasts.


Inspired by her affinity for love and all things associated with love, Love Always YJE founder birthed the brand as a way to give and spread love globally through fashion. The evolution of the brand’s love begins with the love poured into each design, garment and package then, extends to the person wearing Love Always YJE apparel, which spreads love to everyone who sees or comes in contact with the brand.  Check out of the site and continue to spread the love! 




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