Three Things I Learned On Race Day


Hey peeps, hope you are having an awesome day, I am. Now that I am completely healed from my race day injuries, I wanted to come back and debrief with you all and let you know the real about the Women’s 5K I participated in a couple of weeks ago.

I’m in a small group on Facebook and our purpose is to encourage and motivate each other to get healthy through weight loss and exercise. We often talk about races because a few of the girls in the group participate in 5K’s around town pretty frequently. So, I signed up for the 2016 Atlanta Women’s Race, sponsored by the Atlanta Track Club fully planning to train and prepare for the event. However, a little bit of life happened. Basically, the three weeks leading up to the race, I failed to exercise one single time! Yep, I was completely not into it (now you know why you haven’t seen any weight loss updates). But, I paid for the race, and really it’s only three miles, so I thought, how hard could it be, right? 



It was the hardest wog (walk+jog) of my entire life! I was totally unprepared and it was all hills! Yep, the Chastain Park area, where the race was held was mostly hills, and I was not ready! A few things happened while I was on the course. 

  1. I decided to give my life to God again, because I was sure I would die. My shins were burning and one of my ankles lost its ability to support me. 
  2. I shouldn’t have started off running, after no exercise and no training. That was silly and I paid for it the rest of the way.
  3. Everyone of my friends and family who thinks that I am a fast walker, is definitely a slow walker. Those women were passing me like crazy- especially the moms and their strollers. 

So, all in all I made it. But never again will I jump out there to participate in a race with no training at all. I paid for it almost an the entire following week. Needless to say, I’m going to do better once the pollen is gone. 




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