Beauty|AMBI Even and Clear Facial Care Products


I was so glad to see this package in the mail today! Skincare products from AMBI. Getting older my skin is changing.  I’m looking to preserve my youthful look as much as possible and to rid myself of old scars and blemishes.  I have learned through time that what you put inside your body also plays apart in how your skin looks, so I am going to embark on a skin care regimen with these AMBI products and see how my skin feels and looks about after a month.

I’m going to try and eat well and drink plenty of water to better my results. I am so bad about using a moisturizer on my skin daily, and I really should especially in the winter, when the air is so cold.


I’ll start my day with AMBI’s Exfoliating wash. Clean my oily skin which can cause buildup and acne. Then I will use the AMBI, even and clear moisturizer which will nourish my skin. And after that, I will be applying the fade cream to lighten and hopefully remove the old scars and blemishes on my face.



Stay tuned for my before and after picture and review of the AMBI line.

What kind of routine and regimen do you have for skin care?

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