Currently: My Top 10 Favorite Movies

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As I was thinking about this post I immediately had about five movies that are my ultimate top movies. They are the movies that evoke some kind of emotion from me as I watch them over and over. They are the movies that if I am switching channels on the television and one of these movies is playing no matter where in the film the movie is, I am stopping to watch. They are the movies that have provided me a random quote to blurt out when a conversation allows. Now, look before I share this  private and eclectic list, don’t judge me, OK? 

My top 10 favorite movies, best movies of all time, top movies, best movies ever, the top 10 best movies of all time

Ok, before you read the titles below, can you guess all of the films? Let me know below in the comments. 


My Top 10 Movies (In No Order)

  1. Five Heartbeats
  2. Imitation of Life
  3. Menace II Society
  4. Coming to America
  5. Bodyguard
  6. Dreamgirls
  7. American Gangster
  8. NeverEnding Story
  9. School Daze
  10. Armageddon

Honorable Mentions and movies that were so hard to leave off this list are as follows:

  1. Best Man
  2. The Other Boleyn Girl
  3. The Little Princess
  4. Crooklyn
  5. Pride & Predjudice 


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