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Hello March

Well, lookie lookie! Can you believe it is already March first! I swear this year is flying by extremely fast, wouldn’t you agree? March is the perfect time to buckle down and put into action all the goals, resolutions or plans in place that you set in January. Spring is upon us, so take the time today to reestablish your plan of action. It’s it’s working out, or eating healthy- do it. If it is to spend more time with family- get it done.

 I’ve been so busy, trying to do so many personal things, and get some type of order in my life including finding balance between work, home, blog, family and myself, that I recently got back into planning. I used to be an avid planner, but I fell off. I tried to go from a physical calendar to using my phone but it wasn’t working out for the best. My schedule was all over the place and I was unprepared for various upcoming events or forgetting to blog about certain things. 

So for March, I am currently:


The Happy Planner Weekly Spread

 I am so in love with the Happy Planner. You can decorate each week or day, however you decide as well as the monthly layouts. I’ve gotten really serious as you can tell, buying stickers and washi tape (sort of a pretty border or the pages or divider). This is lasts weeks layout, but it’s very functional as it gives me plenty of space to write down all of my small to do’s for the blog, personal life and more.  Happy Planners can be found here—



Big Little Lies

Recently HBO, premiered their new series, Little Big Lies and I love it. It’s a complex and layered story about a small town and a murder. Based on a book of the same title, the plot is unfolding with so many layers each week. You know I am a sucker for a good mystery! 



I'm Judging You Luvvie

Ok, I know I said this before. I was going to read a new book each month and blah, blah, blah. However it didn’t happen. You know why? Because my Happy Planner didn’t exist and I neglected to make the time on my own. So I am, and just started reading yesterday, I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi. 



Family Day at the King Center in February


Last year my family and I didn’t spend enough time together. We barely had any fun family outings and it didn’t sit well with me. Well this year, and this month we have vowed to do better. I love them all so much, but so many people with careers, and kids, and personal goals, it can become difficult to get everyone on the same page for the same event or activity. But, we will make it happen. There is nothing like family and loved ones, so try not to take them for granted or think they will always be here. 



veggies in my steamer

Ok, this probably doesn’t even need to be said. But for the friends new to the blog. I am always in my minds trying to better health wise, but not all the time does my mouth or body follow that same goal. So, yes, still on a journey to better my health, which I guess should actually be a goal for all of us. The struggle continues. 



Facebook Comments

  • Joyce Brewer

    You’re not alone. I’ve got a few books on my must-read list that I still haven’t read.

  • Felecia Monique

    I have similar goals as well. Especially when it comes to my diet. Good luck!!

  • Kasi Perkins

    Great summary of what you’re currently up to! Big Little Lies looks pretty good, and I’m intrigued by Luuvie’s book!

  • I love my Happy Planner! And that book is on my reading list next. Can’t wait to get into it.

  • Jazz (@jazzontherun)

    I love this idea for a summary of what you are up to. How is that book so far? I’ve started back reading more books myself.

  • I went back to The Happy Planner this year and I love it. I got the smaller size and it is perfect. I’ve read I’m Judging you and it is so dag on good. This month I need to get my fitness life in order.

  • I have a happy planner, but its not my main planner. I use it as a blog and financial planner. It was too…Happy for me. LOL. I read Luvvie’s book last year, it was good!

  • MJ

    I have been slacking on using my planner. No idea why. I enjoyed Luvvie’s book. Hilarious and oh so true.

  • Holly

    This year is flying by. It will be summer and then Christmas again before we know it. Life is just flying. Glad you are working on doing more with your family and having family outings.