Carol’s Daughter Monoi Dry Shampoo & Combing Creme


For us natural girls there are more and more products available daily- so many choices. But a few brands are tried and true and if you don’t already know- Carol’s Daughter is one of them. One of the latest products to be released is the Monoi Oil Repairing System Conditioning Dry Shampoo.

The dry shampoo conditions as it cleanses! Made with Monoi Oil, the ancient Tahitian beauty secret, the new Monoi (Repairing System) Conditioning Dry Shampoo from Carol’s Daughter absorbs oily buildup for on-the-go styling. It’s the first dry shampoo that goes beyond just extending your style—it actually strengthens and conditions for stronger, cleaner hair!

Designed to add texture and volume to lifeless hair, this dry shampoo restores your hair’s natural shine without the added buildup that weighs down hair. Best of all, you can pick from either the Dark Tone or Light Tone version—simply pick the one that matches your hair color for the best results. Spray it on and go whenever your hair needs a touchup.

How does it work?

The shampoo is made with natural ingredients and plenty of love to give you a quicker way to shampoo and condition when pressed for time. The star of the formula is reparative Monoi Oil, it refreshes your scalp and revitalizes your hair. Natural starch helps hair maintain its natural luster and shine, while Willow Bark Extract extends your style for a look that lasts.

How do I use it?

Shake the can before using. Lift sections of dry hair. Hold the can roughly 8-12 inches away from your head and spray directly onto roots. Massage through your hair with your fingertips, allowing it to absorb oils evenly. Brush through for clean, refreshed hair that’s full of body.

Love it! Where do I find it?

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Conditioning Dry Shampoo is available ULTA and for $22.


What is it?

Brazil’s top haircare secret has been discovered! Known as “Creme Para Pentear”—Carol’s Daughter is now bringing you a line of nourishing, hydrating style-priming cremes—that do it all. The collection was born when Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price traveled to Brazil last year and came across a rich cream that instantly creates beautiful, easy-to-style hair!

As always, Lisa couldn’t wait to share it with you: “From Brazil, with love.”

Carol’s Daughter introduces 3 multi-tasking “Combing” Cremes that are designed to loosen tangles so well—your fingers can do the combing. Plus, each one reduces friction, while adding intense moisture and shine. The lightweight cream formulas are made powerful enough to address all styling concerns: from preventing breakage and awakening dull, dry hair to smoothing frizz—creating an ideal, new way to style all hair types.

How does it work?

Each Combing Créme is made with natural ingredients and lots of love to address key concerns:

• Hair Milk (nourishing & conditioning) 4-in-1 “combing” creme: Banish tangles with this super detangler. Made with Agave and Shea, this lightweight leave-in moisturizes deep into the follicle, defines curls, and controls frizz—all while adding just the right amount of shine. Your curls, coils, kinks and waves will have the glide they need to be perfectly styled.

• Sacred Tiare (anti-breakage & anti-frizz) 4-in-1 “combing” creme: Defend against breakage and frizz with this fortifying leave-in creme. Rich and silky, it helps strengthen fragile or unruly hair while untangling, leaving your hair silky and sleek—without weighing it down. Formulated with Coprah Coconut Oil, Shea, and Moringa, it deeply moisturizes hair while enhancing its natural shine and prepping it for smooth styling.

• Black Vanilla (moisture & shine) 4-in-1 “combing” creme: Made with a unique blend of Aloe, Shea, and Pro-Vitamin B5, this super-rich detangler revives even the driest, most brittle hair. The creme deeply hydrates and enhances your natural shine, while instantly making hair more manageable and perfect for styling. Your hair will be moisturized, soft, and ready to shine through it all.

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