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Not trusting your spouse is one thing. But to sign up for a service that will alter the number that is displayed to the person your calling is ridiculous. To go further, with this digital spyware service you can change your voice, you can record a call, you can send a text, and have the call sent to your email.

Let me rewind and say that I cannot knock this young man and his entrepreneurial mind. It’s a business for him. But for anyone using this service as a ploy in a relationship seems unbelievable.

Seriously, if you have to trick a spouse to answer the phone, or if you believe she answers the phone for others and not for you- why would you stay with them?

Is your relationship worth the trouble? Do you want to be with someone and you have to trick them to answer the phone? What would lead you to this point, except mistrust and deceit, and which at this point you should remove your self from this relationship.

Maybe this is geared towards teens who feel this service is a plus and not yet understands the underlying meaning.

One a positive note- I did hear the owner say that he provides free service to the Battered Women’s Shelters. If a victim calls the number and the spouse is ridiculous, the number when called won’t show up on a phone bill as the Shelter.

I pray no one ends up in the fight of their life behind this service.

*** I didn’t name the service for a reason. No promo here buddy!

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  • lol yeah if one decides to use this service…it’s already over. good find tho!