Blogging Series: So You Want To Start A Blog Pt2


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to branch out and start a Blogging Series, due to the high volume of calls and texts, messages and DM’s about what steps to take in order to start a blog. In the first post of my blog series, So You Want To Start A Blog Pt1,  I asked questions and gave you all something to think about, and to hopefully give you some insight into this world of blogging. Today I want to dive back in with a few more points of consideration before you get your blog up and running. 

Online Identity

Creating an online identity will be key in your blogging future, which is something I wasn’t informed of when I started my blog. As many of you know, my blog began as Brown Girl Next Door. Cute, right? But what I didn’t consider was how that name would translate over various social media platforms with different restrictions. I was Brown Girl Next Door on Facebook and I was @browngrlnxtdoor on Twitter. Not the best look. You will hear me say this a lot, because it’s something I learned late in the game- but consistency is going to be your best friend. I loved the name Brown Girl Next Door, because, I considered myself your average girl, but I was soon able to tell that I was leaving out a large demographic on my site, which was unintentional. I am the brown girl in my identity but I wanted to attract everyone. So when you are creating your site and personas- consider the length of each social media platform for usernames, consider how easy the name or words are to spell, and consider how friendly the name will sound to brands and businesses if you want to grow. 

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Content and Consistency

Once you have nailed down what your blog will be about, you need to next come up with content. Fresh content. If your area is beauty, what new information are you going to tell your potential audience that they haven’t already heard. If you are covering celebs- there is heavy competition in this field, are you willing to cyber stalk Chris Brown trying to uncover something interesting and news worthy, or will you share the same story that Media Takeout, Bossip, B. Scott and Straight From the A have already shared. Another key piece of information you need to consider is this. Where will you get pictures of celebs from? Most of the pictures are copy-written and protected images. I know a few bloggers who have been sued for using images that belong to Getty images and  I’ve gotten various emails from attorneys asking me to remove different subjects/pics/comments from my site. Are you prepared to create your own content and images or risk being sued?

Your images need to be the best pictures you can possibly take. Some people are masters at using their cellphones while others invest in quality DSLR’s.  Your beauty, food, selfie and product pictures need to be great. Web users, blog readers and social media followers are visual people- we want to see pretty pics. That’s a major way to draw in your audience. Are you willing to buy props and additional lights to get the best shot? Those are a few things to consider. You will also need to get familiar and find some photo editing apps that will enhance your photos. 

Once you have your original content and amazing pics, you need to consider how often you will blog and be consistent. It depends on who you ask, but most bloggers will tell you the importance of blogging daily and multiple times a day in the beginning. You want to create your own buzz and the only way to get your name out there is to have a lot of amazing content being shared all over the web consistently. 

How do you stay consistent you ask? My suggestion would be to start writing now. If you know your subject or niche, just start writing post and build a catalog of blog posts you can roll out back to back once your website/blog is up and running and keep writing so you don’t run out. 

Stopping here for today, but I hope you were able to get a little more perspective on what it takes to run a blog and build a brand. Stay tuned for more in my blogging series, but until then, 

we will chat later loves! 


Facebook Comments

  • Branding is definitely key, I get so annoyed by the underscore in my name because someone is using the name I originally wanted. I just look past it though and focus on the content.

  • Consistency is the best advice ever. I am MimICuteLips everywhere and that has helped my brand. When a new social media platform comes out my readers can look me up and know that they can find me by that name without me telling them.

    I hate tagging someone in IG and sending it to Twitter only the name is different.