Beyonce’s Formation Tour In Atlanta | What You Need To Know


Beyonce’s Formation World Tour kicked off yesterday in Miami and we are just days away from the tour stop in Atlanta! I’m pretty excited as I know all of you are as well. Bey[ing] the always prepared and organized person that I am, I took a little time out to see if there were any do’s and don’t concerning the concert and I discovered a couple of things. 


First, for those of us who bought tickets the day they became available, we were under the impression that the show started at 6pm. But according to Ticketmaster the actual showtime is now 7:30pm, so you want to plan accordingly. 


Also, The Georgia Dome is posting a “Clear Bag Policy.” I’m not sure how strictly the policy will be enforced, but just an FYI to again plan your attire and accessories accordingly. On the image, it does seem as though clutches and crossbodys are admissible. But DON’T QUOTE ME ON THAT. I’m thinking I will have my phone, my ID, bank card, and lipgloss. I don’t need anything prolonging or prohibiting me and Bey! 



Lastly, if you plan to drive to the Georgia Dome for Bey’s performance,  you want to arrive early, because it will be a huge crowd and due to the construction of the new stadium I can only imagine what the traffic will be like. Get there early and have a bite to eat. You can buy a parking pass online for Formation (as well as other events) so thank me later, loves! Here is the link. The first paragraph tells you about parking information.

So good luck #BeyHive I hope these tips help you to travel and arrive safely and to have a great time.  

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