Beauty Review: Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher #BrownGirlReview


Hi guys, as you all know, I’m a pretty low maintenance girl when it comes to beauty. Unless I’m going somewhere fancy that’s deserving of a blow out, my goal is to achieve clean, healthy and semi flawless skin, which I am far from. But I was recently sent the Spa Sonic Skin Care System and Body Polisher to review. It is a waterproof device which is ideal for use in the shower, bath and sink. It came with 4 attachments: a big brush for the body, 2 small brushes for the face, pumice for rough areas and a facial sponge for microdermabrasion.

I’ve been using the spa system for about a week and I love it. The size of the Spa Sonic is perfect for home use and traveling, I will be sure to pack this for my upcoming trip. The bristles (soft and anti- irritating bristles) feel great on my face and skin which is very important because my skin not only sensitive- but it’s oily and I have large pores. 

The Spa Sonic’s dermal penetrating action promotes rapid absorption of skin care products. What does that mean? I use my usual cleanser and the Spa Sonic System to enhance, better clean my face. The product and the Spa Sonic clean out my pores to prevent the oil from building up to cause more acne.


Yes I am grown and still very acne prone, so I enjoy having a more efficient way to cleanse my face other than rubbing my hands on my face in circles. The brush rotates and it gives my skin an exfoliation treatment.  I haven’t had any new pimples (acne) since using the system so that’s a plus and I feel as though I can see my skin brightening, if you will. The tone is clearer that what it has been.

 When using the brush, I didn’t have to press hard to feel the brush and it’s battery operated so the brush glides over the skin with ease. Take a look below at the types of brushes that come with the system:

spa-sonic-review- browngirlnextdoor

Small Brush:
The small facial brush is made of soft bristles, specially designed for tender facial skin and to reach every contour and groove of the face. For exfoliation, apply desired cleanser to brush or to skin before use. Gently move the brush across skin in a circular motion.

Large Brush:
The large body brush is recommended for use on the entire body. To use, apply soap or cleanser to the body and gently move the brush over skin’s surface in circular motions.

Facial Sponge:

The soft facial sponge gently massages skin to stimulate skin cells and improve skin’s elasticity. The sponge furthers the absorption of skin care products used to prevent and erase fine lines and dark spots while also tightening pores. After exfoliation and/or cleansing, dip the sponge into the preferred skin care product and apply.

Immerse feet in warm water for several minutes, then wipe dry. Apply pumice to rough spots in a circular motion. During rotation, pumice efficiently exfoliates rough skin cells and reduces calluses. The pumice stone can be used on any rough parts of the body such as knees and elbows.


To purchase a Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher click here.

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