Bake-In-A-Bag Salmon, Tilapia or Shrimp @SamsClub


Sometimes there really just aren’t enough hours in the day, wouldn’t you agree? I’m talking only 24 hours to complete your daily duties at your job, profession or career, then working on your side gig, hustle or new business venture. Not to mention those of you who have children to dress, pick up and drop off and lets not even try to throw a workout in regularly! Food? You plan to eat? I guess you can add in a another hour to cook daily or meal prep for an entire day out of the week. 


Well, a few months ago, I discovered a charming life saver that I would love to share with you. I was visiting my local Sam’s Club and near the refrigerated area there was a seafood station set up mid- aisle.  The representative at the station was offering a variety of seafood, flavored butters and veggies sealed in a oven ready bag! Amazing, right? 


Once you are being assisted by the Sam’s rep- you have the choice of  (It varies by location) salmon, tilapia, shrimp or scallops, a choice of asparagus or a broccoli, cauliflower and carrot blend as well as a parmesan butter, a blackened butter or a Asian butter to flavor your meal. Sealed nicely and tightly in an oven bag!  Ok, and let me clarify a few things. 

1. You can ask the rep to put any combination of the foods mentioned above in your oven ready bag. 

2. You pay for the bag by the weight of each bag. 

3. The bags are also microwave safe! #WINNING


This bag is really a little blessing in disguise. And I was especially grateful to find this, considering the struggle to eat healthier. This is a quality, quick and healthy meal that takes little to no thought to prepare. Just slide the bag into the oven, it’s already seasoned with the flavored butters and it takes no more that 30 mins (varies based on how much you have in each bag).  You can thank me later, after you’ve impressed your loved ones with this simple meal after a full day of work and play! 



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  • Wow, this is a really a good idea. I don’t have a membership but it I wish I did.

  • Girl, you are a life saver. I don’t have a lot of time to devote in the kitchen (I don’t LIKE it either), and I love quick, delicious meals. AND, if it’s healthy…bonus! THANK YOU.

  • T. Espinoza

    This is what I need in my life! Buying lunch at work every day is taking a toll on my pockets and I don’t always choose the healthiest options. Thanks for sharing!