Baby| Diono Radian RXT Birth to Booster Car Seat



Parents,  across the world search for durable, reliable, safe and stylish car seats to secure their children in while transporting them to and from various destinations. The Radian®RXT Car Seats are designed with your child’s security and safety as top priorities. Premium materials and thoughtful safety features like a steel alloy frame, aluminum reinforced side walls, energy absorbing EPS foam, and a five-point harness put your mind at ease as your little one stays safe and sound. The reinforced adjustable head support provides additional side impact protection.


Outside of the sturdiness of the RadianRXT, it will take your child from baby to booster, up to 120lbs. Now if you know babies the way that I do- they waste food and stacks along the way- but to make sure you protect your investment, take time to clean the seat out periodically.  The Radian RXT is one of a handful of seats in the United States that allows you to rear-face a child for up to 45 pounds, and that is amazing! Installation is far from difficult with its unique SuperLATCH system and removing the seat is just as easy. If you are looking for a quality seat to take your baby from infant to toddler, the Diono brand is a great investment. Click here for a variety of colors and prices.


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