August 2016



Well Hello August!  This month I will….


I was just telling my snapchatters (follow me if you don’t already at byDonnaShana), that I was about to start reading a book I’ve had for quite sometime. It’s Shandra Rhimes’ Year of Yes…… I’ve heard so many good things about this book, I cant wait to get into it. 




I’ve already started but I am going to finish Season 1 of Mr. Robot on my Amazon, and then I will watch Season 2 which is currently airing on tv, on my DVR. How smart was I to record them so I could watch the entire season when I’m done with Season 1. Yay me!




I am going to participate in a step challenge this month.  Black Women Losing Weight is hosting an August step challenge. If you sign up, you will be provided a step goal for each day of the month. Since I’ve had my new Fitbit Blaze, I haven’t really put it to work.  But if you don’t have a tracker, you can use various apps on your phone to calculate your daily steps as well. So wish me luck with these daily goals starting today. 





 I’m trying to eat more veggies and less pastas and yumminess! Are you familiar with yumminess? That’s cookies and brownies, pastas and sauces, bread and treats!! I’m also starting a new self awareness hashtag #BecomingFlawless. Stay tuned for deets… 



I’m going to make some fun plans. I have fun but a lot of it is work for my blog. I want to do more self initiated fun activities. What do you do for fun? 





I’m going to love me more, and the skin I’m in. I’m going to embrace all of me, the good and the bad and I will work towards improving those bad things. I’m going to love my circumstances and my situations. Work towards being better or changing them, but embrace it.  








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