Donna Shaná, an Atlanta native with a flair for discovering the next “it” trend, brings her strong, personalized influence to her growing following through her personal lifestyle blog–www.bydonnashana.com 

The site is a creative blend of Donna’s personal experiences with insights into her own musings. Her followers enjoys reading about what’s new in her life–in addition to learning about the latest trend or product. Donna has established herself as a trusted ‘Personal Experience Ambassador.’ 

As a Personal Experience Ambassador, Donna engages her core audience across her various social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) networks to delivery her trusted personalized review of  her experience with a product, service or venue. This influence has led to partnerships with major brands such as AT&T, Ford and Verizon. 

From restaurants to products let Donna Shaná bring you closer to your potential audience.


Contact Donna Shana at donna@byDonnaShana.com


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  • Ayanna Jackson

    D- Now you know you need to stop playing and go on and write some novels! Stop playing and teasing these people! I bow down to you…I’m a fan from jump!

  • browngirlnextdoor

    One step at a time! Love you for the support…


    I think this will make for an interesting novel as well , but I’m eagerly looking forward to the entrance of the love interest , the moment of clarity , and the foreshadowing for upcoming chapters……. What u think?

  • Eboni Killian

    Hey Brown Girl~

    This is my first time visiting the site and I absolutely love it. Keep up the great work!

  • browngirlnextd

    Awhhh YAY! Thank you so much, Eboni!

  • Tonya Maddox

    Hey there Brown Girl,
    Just stopping by to show a little support:)

    Tonya Maddox

  • browngirlnextd

    Hey Tonya! YAY!!!! Thanks so much.. That means alot! xoxo

  • Larris

    Job Well Done BrownGirl! I absolutely love the new website! Keep up the good work & I am proud of you as always #doingbigthangs!

  • browngirlnextd

    Thank you ma’am! Trying to get like my sis!

  • Selandra Wright

    I love your site! It’s entertaining, personal, reflective and insightful. Keep up the good work!

  • browngirlnextd

    Wow! Thank you soo much!. I have fun doing it.

  • loooooove this site and i just happen to stumble upon it! Keep up the good work honey and you will be in my prayers!
    God bless!

  • browngirlnextd

    Thank you so much!

  • Courtney Brown

    I am a guy (straight) and enjoy reading your posts. I think you can definitely start writing your novel (maybe its already in the making). Keep up the good work. Would like to talk with you sometime

  • browngirlnextd

    Wow- thanks Courtney.. Thank you for your support!. Means a lot when the fellas check in.

  • LaNekia

    Love the site Brown Girl! It’s very informative, up-to-date, & contemporary! I will definitely be adding it to my favorites list. GREAT JOB!!!

  • browngirlnextd

    Awhhh Thank you so much LaNekia!!! That means a lot! XOXO

  • JHAJ

    Yeah, you are on my favorites too, but you gotta revise and update the dating portion… Shawty!!!

  • browngirlnextd

    Well thank you sir!

  • christine

    My first time visiting to and i like the site I will be coming back on a daily basis

  • browngirlnextd

    Awhh thanks so much!!!! XOXO



  • browngirlnextd

    Thanks girl!!!! I appreciate that! You are doing your thing as well! Keep it up!