A Culinary Event By The Jack Daniel’s at Gunshow Restaurant


Ok, folks! This post is long overdue- but with the holidays and all of the festivities, I took a little time off. I know some of you saw the some of these pictures from the Sip, Summer & Savor: A Culinary Event Series by the Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collection event I attended here in Atlanta on Instagram, but I wanted to share a little more info and of course some great pics and recipes! 

The event was held at World Renowned Chef’s Kevin Gillespie’s restaurant Gunshow and he teamed up with Daniel Rose for Jack Daniel’s fist of its kind event introducing Whiskey a Aficionados to the latest culinary trends. At the event we sampled amazing and unique plates in an participatory environment. Both chef’s entertained us with live cooking demonstrations and the four course menu was complemented by unique Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collection cocktails crafted by Mercedes O’Brien. 


Parsnip Ravioli, Brussels, Pomegranate, Vanilla, Cocoa Nib
              Parsnip Ravioli, Brussels, Pomegranate, Vanilla, Cocoa Nib


Sip, Simmer & Savor, A Culinary Event Series By The Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Collection In Atlanta
Toasted Old Fashioned
Barrel Proof Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, Bitters, Burnt Sugar,
Brûléed Cinnamon, Flamed Orange 

The Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collection is made from Jack Daniel’s finest stocks of whiskey and bottle in the smallest batches, just one barrel at a time. The Single Barrel Collection invites those who appreciate fine spirits to explore our range of unique whiskies that are exceptionally smooth and full of character. These expressions showcase Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller’s craftsmanship in selecting grain recipes,  judging barrel maturity and complexity, and offering the purist expressions of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey to enjoy from Jack Daniel’s unique handmade oak barrels.

 You have to see the way the Toasted Old Fashioned was made, it includes fire and its on the video as I’m now recording a vlog series on YouTube.  So if you want to skip a ton of comedic moments (I think I’m funny!LOL), then skip to the 6:24 minute mark to see coverage of the event, and 7:33 minute mark if you are only interested in seeing how the drink was made. Enjoy! And remember to drink responsibly! 




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  • That dish looks amazing and now I’m hungry, lol. I love good food and drink!

  • Jack Daniels is such a classic drink. Smooth to the taste, I’m totally going to try this at home.

  • That food looks incredible. My friend loves Jack’s Daniels and loves it even more in her food, lol.

  • I have got to try this! I love JD. Always a good drink.