5 Ways I Celebrated My Birthday!


If you haven’t heard! October is my birth month and every non blog activity that I participated in was in celebration of my birthday! Of course each year you think about and plan big for that special day, but this year was a little different. One of my besties insisted that we have an activity each weekend in honor of the big day, and I was all for it. 


 Frankie Beverly and Maze

The first activity we participated in was Frankie Beverly and Maze. It was my first time experiencing Frankie live and I have to say for a man who will turn 70 this year, he put on an awesome show! The temperature was great, awesome company, and of course great music. I’m glad I got a chance to see another legend. So many more on my bucket list. 




Blue Ridge Mountains 

The girls and I took a weekend trip to relax for a girls weekend in the cabins in Blue Ridge. We had so much fun, but we also had some very serious moments individually. 




 Dance Theater of Harlem

I enjoyed a Sunday afternoon performance from the Dance Theater of Harlem at the Cobb Energy Center. The professional ballet company has global acclaim and their performance was exquisite to say the least. 








My mother and I spent the day of my birth in the mall shopping away. We spent so much time trying on various handbags, but finally settled on a beautiful Brahmin bag that she purchased for me. YAY! 








And of course I had a ton of meals, dinners and lunches throughout the month the final shebang included my favorite- crab legs. That’s right, If you know me then you know that I am in heaven when I am enjoying some delicious, succulent crab legs! It was really a great birthday month. I am truly grateful to everyone who helped me celebrate in my various activities and whatnots! 





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  • Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you were able to do to some fun things. I like the idea of a birthday month and think I’ll do this when my day rolls around.

  • I love how you celebrated all month. If you follow @KevOnStage he was a whole video about how Black folks stretch out their birthdays. It’s hilarious, yet true.

  • Happy belated birthday!!! Looks like you really enjoyed yourself and had a good time celebrating. Can’t wait to see how you top this celebration next year!

  • Listen, you were in FULL celebration mode and I love ALL the things that you did. Thanks for sharing, these are some great ideas.

  • Sheesh! That birthday was action packed! I celebrate my birthday for a month, so I’m not mad!

  • Eva

    I have to start celebrating for the month. I don’t like parties for myself, but I do love shopping and seafood and shows! Happy birthday month!

  • Yay for a new bag! That always makes a great gift. And I wouldn’t mind having a little girl’s getaway myself.

  • Happy Belated Birthday my fellow October born sister. I love the idea of celebrating every weekend in the month. You did a variety of things. I think I will borrow that idea for my 40th birthday instead of one big party.

  • Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great time..My birthday is this month and I plan to celebrate all month long as well!