10 Things You Don’t Know About ME

Not often do I get to share tidbits that you may or may not find interesting about me here on the blog. Well, this year I am definitely trying to be more open so we can get to know each other a little better. So what better information to share than a few things you don’t about me. Some of my friends probably have no idea that I can’t whistle. But there is more, so check out my list of ten below and let me know what you think! 
1. I can’t whistle.
And when I try to whistle the only way I can get any sound is to suck in air, whereas everyone else blows out! And I’ve been told that it sounds like that high pitched sound when
And when I try to whistle the only way I can get any sound is to suck in air, whereas everyone else blows out! And I’ve been told that it sounds like that high pitched sound when you window is cracked open. 
2. I went to Vegas with a group of men!
 My husband is going to kill me. Ok, so it was a work trip, LMBO! My husband is going to kill me for the implication, that it was anything other than a work trip and before I was married. I was the only female on most of our trips which always allowed me my own room. #PERKS! But no funny business! 
3. I’m jealous of people who can sing. 
Something I wish I could do my entire life is blow the roof off with my voice! But, Instead, I ‘m only able to hold a note, mostly in a choir setting but managing to sing a couple of solos in my life! Today, you couldn’t pay me to sing for anyone other than hubby and friends at karaoke. 
4. I want to be a bartender. 
Yep, since I was able to drink, I’ve thought it was super cool to be the girl who could pour a fabulous drink! I still might take a course. Wonder how he would feel about it?
5. I was the President.
I was my class President from the 9th grade – 12th grade. And honestly, I am still being President 20 years after high school. And even though they work my nerves sometimes, as I do their’s- I love the gig! 
6. I have a tattoo.
When I was about 26 years old I got my one and only tattoo. It’s of two hearts, which was going to be the logo image for the event planning business I was going to start. 
7. I’m a snitch.
I told on my brother for things that he did as a kid, almost 20 years later! Yep, when I was no longer afraid that he would put me in a ‘figure four’ and I couldn’t be punished for telling- I sold him out! (I suffered the first time, I was grounded for something he did!)
8. Horrible knowledge of the city. 
Look, I’ve been in Atlanta all of my life and I really just learned and am stilling learning the highways. Seriously, I just found out what the Grady curve was about 3 years ago. Before, you send me nasty messages, I was kinda sheltered and DeKalb was my stomping ground, I didn’t venture off to the unknown. 
9. No Makeup
I am low maintenance when it comes to hair and makeup. I will say that I had foundation and/or powder on my face maybe 4 times last year. And I had on eyeliner and/or mascara about 10 times. I bought my first lipstick in years a few weeks ago, so stay tuned for a post about how I always wear clear lipgloss, until now (whatever day that actually happens) 
10. I Can Be Pyscho
So this one time when I was at Georgia Southern, and there was this boy….. My friends and I dressed in all black, borrowed a friends car stalk this fella. We were full fledged, in the bushes looking in the window and everything! Yep, don’t push me! I still have that black skull cap! 
A few other mentions, because I can never complete a list as I should:I love country music.
I love country music. I’m a morning person. I love to organize and budget, even though I rarely stick to it. And I never thought I would enjoy being married this much! 
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